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Cooper River Dive Charters
260 Amy Drive
Goose Creek, SC 29445
Dive Sites
Getting Your Bearings

The maps used in these dive site webpages all reference North as the top of the page. The bottom of the page is a southern heading and the right side of the page is east and the left side of the page will always be west. This assumes that you are reading the book with the bottom facing down, (the normal book reading position). Nothing hard here just keep think top is north and if you can figure out a compass rose (above pictured) that should not be a problem.

These dive sites along the Cooper River have had multiple  etc etc etc


Listen to the pre-dive briefing and if you don’t understand any instruction please stop and ask for clarification
The diver down flag should be flown when divers enter the water from shore or from a vessel.

The minimum size should be12 x 12 inches, bigger is always better

All divers should carry and deploy a surface marker buoy prior to and while ascending to the surface.

Dive vessels may float anchored diver down buoys ahead of the vessel in the direction of travel of the diver(s) to alert approaching boaters.

Divers prior to ascent adjust to slightly negative buoyancy and ready themselves by securing loose gear etc. then deploy a surface marker buoy that will break the surface while the diver is a depth of 10 - 15 feet. Only deploy 10 to 12 feet of line if using a reel with string or entanglements may occur!

Perform a safety stop if required. Safety stops should not be made mid-river in fast flowing current. If current is present swim underwater to the near shore where dive vessel is anchored to a shallower depth. Them perform your safety stop

When diver has surfaced give appropriate sign to dive vessel and swim parallel to current to get back to the dive vessel. If downstream, signal establish positive buoyancy and signal boat. Stay inline with boat and out of mid channel.
Cooper River
Tee Straights
Billy’s Hole
Boy Scout
Sonny’s Hole
Red Bank - Clay Banks
Twin Trees
Bonnie Reserve
Gator Watch
PowerLine - North
PowerLine - South
Craters of the Moon
General Dynamics Run 1 and 2
Nucor Barges
57 Hole
Old Bone Yard

Cooper River West Branch
Old Channel #5
High Speed Turn
Rice Mill
Chas Straights
Danger Sign
Pine Island
Camp Ground
Durham Point
Dr. Read’s Hole
Strawverry Ferry
The Bluff
Pimilco - Walk In
Mepkin Abbey
Monastery Gravel Bed
Stoney Landing
Tail Race Canal

Cooper River  East Branch
EB Opening
ComingTee Barge
Hagan Landing
Power Line
Barge Straight
Bonneau Ferry
Pompion Hill Chapel

French Quarter Creek

Quinby and Huger Creeks